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After an impressive September, that saw the England international score six goals as Tottenham went unbeaten, EA SPORTS spoke to striker Harry Kane as he was named EA SPORTS Player of the Month. He gave us his thoughts on his aims for the season ahead, how he feels to have emulated Steven Gerrard and who his doubles partner is at EA SPORTS FIFA 18.

EA SPORTS™: Harry, congratulations. How does it feel to be holding that award again?

Harry Kane: It feels good. It’s a great honour every time to win this award. It’s great, hopefully I can continue it and get a few more for the rest of the season.

EA SPORTS™: Harry you are in great company in terms of the number of players who have won it five times or more. How does it feel to be in the presence of people like Steven Gerrard and Robin van Persie.

HK: It makes me feel proud. It’s not something I think about too much but whenever I do win this award, it’s a great honour and I can only thank my teammates, the manager and the staff that help me achieve it. I’m just putting the balls in the back of the net, but they are the ones that are helping me do it.

EA SPORTS™: Would you say this has been the best month of your career?

HK: I would say so when you look at the goals I’ve scored and the amount of games. I feel really confident, I feel good. I feel in good shape so I just can’t wait for the next games to come. That’s what I’m trying to do, just stay fit and healthy, and hopefully I’ll continue to score.

EA SPORTS™: Is there any reason in particular why it has been so successful?

HK: I’m not sure, I think we’ve been playing great as a team first and foremost. We’ve been creating a lot of chances and I’ve been the one on the end of them putting them in the net. The team has been playing great, so as long as we keep doing that, hopefully we’ll keep winning games going forward.

EA SPORTS™: What have been your PL highlights over September?

HK: I think the whole month itself. I wouldn’t be able to pick out any in particular. Obviously I scored my 100th Spurs goal at the start of the month and just continued from there. Hopefully I can just continue the form and help the team out as much as possible!

EA SPORTS™: You have been particularly lethal on the road, is there any reason for that?

HK: I don’t think so, I just think it’s one of those things as a striker. Sometimes you go through spells where you score a lot at home, or you score a lot away, and at the minute I’m scoring more away but hopefully I can get some home goals. It doesn’t matter where I play, I feel confident that I’ll score and the most important thing is that we try and win the games.

EA SPORTS™: The golden boot is another trophy that has been on your no-doubt very heavy mantelpiece; there is a lot of competition in that department this season isn’t there?

HK: Yeah it’s great we’ve got some great strikers up there battling it out for the golden boot. There is still obviously an awful long way to go and a lot can happen but that’s the Premier League. The Premier League has always had great strikers and to win that golden boot you have got to play well. It’s looking tight at the moment, and probably will do for the reason of the season. It’s not something I really think about until way towards the end of the season, but of course it would be great to win it again.

EA SPORTS™: Spurs fans will hope that this year can be the difference. You have been so close over the last couple of seasons, and your goals have been a huge part of that. Where do you think your goals and this team can go this season?

HK: Hopefully we can go all the way. We finished second last year and we always want to improve and progress and so to do that we have to finish first. Like I said, there is a long way to go and a lot of games to play but we feel confident, we’re in good form at the minute. Hopefully we can start winning our games at Wembley and then kick on and win from there.

EA SPORTS™: Who is the best EA SPORTS FIFA 18 player at Tottenham?

HK: I’d probably have to say Sonny (Son). He likes to play FIFA! We have a little rec room here where some of the lads play it and he always seems to be the one that’s winning so I’d have to say him.

EA SPORTS™: Who is your FIFA doubles partner?

HK: I’d probably say Dele Alli. I don’t get to play it a lot but we have quite a good partnership on the pitch, so I’m sure we’d have one on FIFA as well!

EA SPORTS™: Do you get to play FIFA 18 a lot when you are travelling to away games?

HK: I don’t play it too much but sometimes a few of the lads will bring their PlayStation and play it. With my baby daughter now I don’t get to play it as much as I would like, but whenever I do I enjoy it.

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