Halloween Promotion! Buy Gil & Items With Discount Code

Game Belong:Final Fantasy XIV Author: www.mmobeys.com

Dear Customers,

Halloween is coming! Now 6kgold.com released a 5% discount code, buy ffxiv gil / mog station items over $10, you will be able to use it,  volid to 1th, Nov.
Discount Code: HWFF
Besides, from now on, if you buy ffxiv gil / mog station items over $20, you can get an extra mog station items as a bonus, choose one of the following lists:

Minion: Little Yin
Minion: Little Yang
Minion: Continental Eye
Minion: Pumpkin Butler
Vampire's Vest
Witch's Attire
Eerie Garments
The Howling Spirit
The Wailing Spirit
Pumpkin Head
Unripened Pumpkin Head
White Pumpkin Head
Ripened Pumpkin Head
Male Werewolf Set
Female Werewolf Set

This event also will be ended on 1th, Nov, don't miss it!