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How to Buy FIFA Coins via Comfort Trade

Game Belong:FIFA is one of the best FIFA 18 In-game service, enjoy our good service here!.

FIFA 18 Comfort Trade is the easiest way to trade FIFA coins, if you don't know how to list players on auction or have no time to do that, try comfort trade, all you need to do is give us your account details, our team will log in your account and deliver the coins instantly. 

Step One: Choose your console and FIFA 18 coins amount you want to buy.

Step Two: Type all your account details when you makeing the order.

Step Three: Finish the payment.

Our team will log in your account to details after we get your order.

Notice: better to offer us more than 2 backup codes, if you don't know how to get it, check the following steps.

1. Log in

2. Click My Account, Choose Security, Click Turn On to activate Login Verification. 

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