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This upcoming generation of NBA stars find new ways to astound fans every week. Whether it’s making unbelievable highlight plays or putting up dominating numbers, players like Anthony Davis make you forget their age every time they step on the floor. At only 24-years old, Davis was named the winner of yet another NBA Player of the Week award following DeMar DeRozan’s example last week.

Davis is part of the new breed of big men who can do a little bit of everything. Famously, he was a point guard for a number of years until he hit his growth spurt. From that day on, the skill set he paired with his height created into a revolutionary talent that may be the NBA’s most versatile, and desirable, amongst all young players.

Between November 20 and November 26, Davis led the Pelicans to a 3-1 record with averages of 29.5 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.3 blocks. The points also led the Western Conference in total points scored, total field goals made, and highest field goal percentage at an insane 58.6% shooting from the field. He chipped in the fourth most rebounds and blocks in the conference last week, too.

Davis was a beast last week putting up 30 points and 15 rebounds against the Golden State Warriors as well as 36 points and 15 rebounds against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the win against the Thunder, he set franchise records for most free throws made and attempted with 18 and 22, respectively. In an age where there haven’t really been many players who possess Davis’ skill set, it’s impossible not to be fascinated by his game. 

Davis came onto the scene a ready-made NBA star. Initially seen as more of a defensive anchor, he’s turned into one of the best all-around players in the NBA. Through his first three seasons, Davis only launched a total of 27 three-pointers. With the growing emphasis of playing beyond the arc, his game has grown to include the long-distance shot as he’s attempted 39 on the brand-new season already hitting 35.9% of them.

With a wingspan that ranges around, or even over, seven-and-a-half feet, Davis is an automatic threat to grab any rebound in his line of sight. Even with perhaps the NBA’s best center playing alongside him, Davis is still able to pull down over 11 rebounds per game and that comes from an incredible knack to know how to position himself and fight for boards. 

In NBA LIVE, you can recreate Davis’ game by choosing the Post Anchor playstyle for your player. By choosing this style you’ll gain instant post moves, dunking ability, rebounding talent, and a knack for hitting mid-range jumpers. Secondary skills include converting a high percentage of layups and inside shots while being a menace defensively by blocking shots and playing tough down low. All of these skills can be enhanced and developed as your player continues to earn experience. 

For a player who’s so young, it’s very rare to see guys play with such polish in the paint. Possessing the footwork that Davis has makes scoring in the paint an easy feat. This footwork often leads to easy dunks and high-percentage finishes around the rim. His mid-range shot was good back when he entered the league but has only gotten better and better as he’s improved – he’s had that shot on full display all season.

As Davis has gotten more confident, we’ve seen his playmaking ability develop. The way that he’s able to create out of the post by using his point-guard like vision creates for one of the highest assist percentages among all big men. He has turned into one of the deadliest pick-and-roll players as he’s able to beat slower or smaller defenders on his roll to the basket. Using his athleticism, Davis typically skies over opponents at least once a game for a highlight jam set up by either Jrue Holiday or Rajon Rondo. This mix of talent and athleticism turned Davis from a good player to a great one who is still only getting better.

Next time you’re playing NBA LIVE’s The One, go ahead and dominate the competition by exploiting your mismatches – be sure to dunk all over your opponent while getting back and swapping their shot into the sky on defense.

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