New FFXIV Mog Station Mount: Sunspun Cumulus (Single Character) for sale!

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New FFXIV Mog Station Mount: Sunspun Cumulus (Single Character) is hot-selling!

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Mount: Sunspun Cumulus (Single Character)

Only those pure of heart are permitted to ride!

High in the mountains of Othard, a wise hermit possessed of incredible powers created the sunspun cumulus, so called because it is believed to have been crafted from rays of sunshine. According to local myths, those granted the right to mount the mystic golden cloud are blessed with great wealth, though its previous owners are said to have been too busy racing across the sky to bother spending any of it.

* This item is only usable by characters who have acquired their personal chocobo mount.

* Unique music will play when riding this mount.

* Posture when riding this mount may vary depending on character race and gender.

* The attire shown in the image is not included.