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Marketing materials from both Game in the UK and the French equivalent both advertised "Prime Icons" in the lead up to one of the more festive times of the FIFA 18 calendar.

After some waiting, some premature optimism, and a few dozen FUTmas player SBCs, the big ones are finally here.

FIFA 18's latest throwback Thursday include a pair of Arsenal Icons, Dennis Bergkamp and the soon-to-be-in-every-pros' clubs, Patrick Vieira. Their Prime Icon SBCs are available today, along with those of Carles Puyol and the recently-record-surpassed Alan Shearer of England and Newcastle fame.

A reminder that these Prime Icons are available in packs tradeably (and subsequently on the Transfer Market) until the end of FIFA or as untradeable prizes for completing Squad Buildling Challenges. There's also Loan versions of each available for the next week only.The SBCs will not be cheap but they also don't have to be built in a day. You can accrue the pieces necessary for the untrdeables between now and the end of the game's natural life if you so desire, and probably find them a lot more palatable price-wise in the process.

For the rest of us loading up on FIFA points and dumping items to the transfer market to build up the wealth necessary to go after them, which Prime Icon are you the most excited about chasing?

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