World of Warcraft new content online, blowing Azeroth contending horn

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The tense atmosphere between the coalition and the tribe is getting fiercer and the conflict is on the verge. The new content of "World of Warcraft" has arrived, we will ring the drums and prepare for the war in their respective camps.

New events in Teldras and Lordaeron

For a period of time starting from the week of July 24, you will experience a rapidly rising full-scale war in Teldras, followed by the Battle of Lordaeron. The new chapter of the core conflict surrounding the "World of Warcraft" story is about to kick off, go to the front line, prepare for the bloody battle!

Fully compressed attribute values, major changes in professional skills

I believe that the players of "The Legion" will be eccentric about the energy of the artifacts measured in billions. However, in the new version, we will usher in a compression of the attribute values, including the player, NPC's health, damage, and attributes are all greatly reduced, so that there is no longer how many zeros behind the Boss blood volume.

In addition, major changes have been made to professional skills. The recipes for each piece of information are grouped into their respective categories and have their own professional progress. This means you don't need to upgrade your major with the old recipe to keep up with the new version. The auxiliary skills of first aid no longer exist, the bandages will be made by the tailor, and the antidote will be the responsibility of the alchemy.

New war mode arrives PVP talent system update

Tired of being sneaked in the wild and being robbed? Or want a more fun wild PVP environment? Now you can experience the new open world PVP gameplay: war mode. This is a new mode of breaking geographical and server restrictions. Whether you are in PVE or PVP, as long as you are in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, you can use the war mode button on the talent page to decide what you want to experience. Feel free to kill the PVP pleasure, or easy to do the task of PVE. However, in order to compensate for the dangers of open world PVP, players who open the war mode will receive some bonuses: the characters with less than the level will gain additional experience points, and the rewards for the full-level characters for the world mission will increase. How would you choose?

In addition, the PVP talent has been completely refurbished, and the professional talents are three in a row, choose one different. In the new PVP talent, you can pick out three talents from a bunch of choices, as well as a special solution talent. The new PVP talent will provide a more flexible choice, you can freely change according to the PVP mode or environment you want to participate in. Of course, like professional talent, you have to change it in the rest area.

So don't want to try this new PVP system? You can continue to participate in PVP competition during the special season offseason before the arrival of "Agebra". During the offseason, although you can't get season awards such as mounts and titles, you can continue to get the equipment you need from the safe.

Say goodbye to your artifacts, new changes and talents

In the new version, you can't get the artifact energy to unlock the feat, and all the feats that have been unlocked will no longer work, and your artifact will become an ordinary weapon.

Don't worry that your power will be weakened, and many artifacts are integrated into your career or specialization. You will be able to continue to use these familiar and powerful forces in the next adventure.

And if you are new to the game, you can still find and acquire artifacts, but the power of the artifact will automatically increase as the character level increases. If you enjoy the game experience of upgrading artifacts, please pay attention to the heart of Azeroth in subsequent versions.

Join this increasingly fierce dispute now! The role of the direct 110 service has also been opened, will let you return to the front line of the battlefield in the first time! Be prepared to fight for your camp!