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Limited-time live events. Exclusive rewards. When a LIVESTRIKE hits, get ready for the chance to rock the hottest in-game gear that won’t be available anywhere else.

One of the most iconic streetwear lines on the market, Pink Dolphin has turned itself into a famous brand in a very short amount of time. The entire mission behind Pink Dolphin’s image is to practice exclusivity with their products and use that to build themselves up in a very impressive manner. In a major part because of that, the fans have turned Pink Dolphin into the giant it is today, and it’s becoming the trendiest brand on the left coast.

Pink Dolphin’s slogan “Legends At Our Craft” – this is not an overstatement. They are proud of their creativity and flex it often, whether it’s in the form of a hooper running in their sweats or a skater rocking their snapbacks with a full denim-suit. In another supreme showing of creativity, Pink Dolphin has teamed up with NBA LIVE as the third major brand to be part of the LIVESTRIKE events.

Joining pop-culture behemoths Undefeated and A Bathing Ape (BAPE), some of the most difficult and rare items of Pink Dolphin apparel will be available to NBA LIVE players. Don’t miss your chance to swag your player out and play on one of the dopest courts NBA LIVE has ever created.

From November 28 to December 5, you’ll get the chance to earn exclusive crates containing sneakers, hoodies, and more in a series of eight co-op events. Play in competitive games, and you must win by two. Are you going to play well enough to rock Pink Dolphin from head-to-toe?

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