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The. Hype. Is. Real.

FIFA 18's Team of the Year is finally, at long last here. But it wouldn't be EA without the prerequisite twists.

The major difference so far is only the attackers from last week's community/influencer/media/athete as well as EA staff votes have been revealed. The three at the top of FIFA 18's TOTY will be in packs from 15 January at 6 p.m. UK time (1 p.m. ET) until 16 January at the same time.

The second pivot would seem to be the length (and potentially even order) we'll be getting Team of the Year this year. In FIFA 17, the attackers were available for 48 hours (comprising the Monday and Tuesday of TOTY), while this years they'll only be available Monday. How that impacts the order of release or the total length of the full teams' release remains to be seen.

Finally, no Neymar. After Harry Kane carried our Futhead community-voted ballot (and seemed to have a solid enough lead amongst the rest of the influencers' votes), EA's staff vote either pushed Kane across the finish line or honored the spirit of the community vote, getting the Spurs/England star his first TOTY blue-and-black special item.

Perhaps no bigger controversy will be the decision to make cover star Cristiano Ronaldo a 99-overall while leaving Lionel Messi, who's clearly had the better 2017 calendar year than Ronnie, down at just 98. Leaving room for a 99 Messi TOTS and giving Ronaldo a hat tip for last year's Ballon d'Or? That's about all we can muster.

We'll have more tomorrow at 2 p.m. UK when ostensibly we'll find out the next domino in this year's promo.

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