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The NBA is a wonderful place where seven-footers not only roam the paint but play above the rim and from the perimeter, too. Nikola Jokic only came onto the scene for the Denver Nuggets last year, but has quickly turned into the Nuggets’ franchise player. After being selected in the second round back in 2014, Jokic now has fans looking forward to making a splash in the playoffs this year.

Jokic was also named the NBA’s Western Conference Player of the Week for November 6, after notching averages of 22.7 points, 13.3 rebounds, 5.7 assists, and 2.3 steals per game. In that span, the team won all three of their games and Jokic hit 53.3% of his shots from the field and an unbelievable 40% from three-point range.


How to Play Like Jokic

In NBA LIVE, you can recreate Jokic’s game by choosing the Stretch Fourplaystyle for your player. By choosing this style you’ll gain instant ability in your three-point shooting, mid-range shooting, and rebounding with your primary skills. Secondary skills include passing, inside shooting, and post moves. All of these skills can be enhanced and developed as your player continues to earn experience. 

In NBA LIVE, you can turn your player in THE ONE into the next Nikola Jokic by embracing the Stretch Four playstyle as a big man. As versatile bigs, stretch players are able to shoot from all over the floor, really opening up the game, but are almost just as successful as passers. Because of that dual threat offensively, it’s nearly impossible to guard a player with the size and speed the young star possesses. 

Jokic has been able to hone in on his passing and has established himself as one of the premier passers not only for big men but as compared to all passers in the league. From highlight passes behind his back or to players cutting from the wings, Jokic can do it all. What’s most underrated is his scoring ability – we all know that he’s a superb rebounder but the 22-year old put up a career high for points with 41 against the Brooklyn Nets in only 31 minutes. En route to this outburst, Jokic hit four from behind the arc.

Next time you’re playing NBA LIVE’s The One, go ahead and become the ultimate mismatch by shooting the lights out as a big man.

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