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NBA LIVE 18 debuted the first of three new LIVESTRIKE partnerships last week. So, what exactly is LIVESTRIKE?

LIVESTRIKE is the most exclusive form of content releases in NBA LIVE. Unlike traditional game updates or random features, LIVESTRIKE gives players the chance to play in Live Events challenges. Winners of these challenges can get their hands on some of the trendiest in-game apparel, kicks, and traits, and get to play on sick courts.

From November 14 to November 21, players had the chance through LIVESTRIKE to win gear from one of the hottest brands out there today – Undefeated. Undefeated began in 2002 catering to sneakerheads around Los Angeles with their customization. For those into shoes, a pair of Nike Air Force 1s kicked off a brand that would soon turn into a behemoth in the industry. Now, Undefeated is considered one of the most successful streetwear labels in the world, one who collaborates with, not only some of the biggest brands, but some of the biggest celebrities and athletes. 

LIVESTRIKE gave fans the opportunity to win Undefeated gear including the above-mentioned Air Force 1s, which are available in olive green, their signature purple, and other colors. Of the items available, 81% of all players won at least one piece of in-game gear. Who wouldn’t want to show off their new Undefeated sweats or shirt to go along with some sneaks?

Plus, there was a special rare event available to users which featured two incredibly tough-to-win pairs of shoes. In all, 78% of players were able to walk out with a pair of these two shoes. In particular, the Allen Iverson-inspired kicks were a major highlight for players. Iverson used to terrorize players on the court. It didn’t matter whether it was with his deadly crossover or a simple stepback, not many players could move like he did. Fans now get the chance to rock their competition the same way he did. In total, 35% of players were able to walk away with a pair of Undefeated x Iverson shoes.

The $30,000 Undefeated x Air Jordan IV was featured in the game and is a shoe collector’s biggest dream. It’s firmly placed itself in the running for pop-cultures’ most exclusive shoe by only releasing 72 pairs in the real world – but 37% of NBA LIVE players were able to get their hands on this rare Jordan sneaker and can now lace ‘em up on their player every time he heads on the court.

Next up on the schedule for LIVESTRIKE? Players will be given a chance to win fresh gear from BAPE from November 21 to November 28. Play online to keep your player swagged out from head to toe.

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