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POE Bestiary League Problems Now Fixed

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For the first ninety minutes of launch today, all players ran into a bug where their game client did not properly display any information from your Bestiary book (such as captured monsters, crafting options, notifications of new recipes/captures, etc). Path of Exile has now fixed this issue, but everyone currently online will need to relaunch their game client one time to get the patch. This post briefly describes what went wrong. 

Due to a code bug that only manifested in our live production version, the game client was unable to interpret Bestiary information it received from the server. This caused a lot of the features like notifications of new recipes (and the ability to do Beastcrafting at all) to not function. 

Path of Exile found the problem within an hour and have deployed a fix. If you're currently playing, you must update your game client by relaunching it. If you run the game after this post, then it'll automatically be updated. 

Path of Exile has very upset about this because Bestiary is a complex league and a lot of work went into fine-tuning the new player experience to train players to capture unique quest monsters to hand in for levelling POE items, etc. All of that tutorialisation didn't trigger during the prime playing time at the start of the league, likely leading to a harder learning curve than we intended. 

To prevent this type of issue in the future, Path of Exile is making changes to our testing process so that it includes better coverage of the live production version prior to launch. 

Path of Exile is super sorry about the problems this caused! 
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