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Top 1 FIFA 19 need to Improve: The Ability To Change Kits

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The Ability To Change Kits runs parallel to the 'More Hands-On Management With Club Growth' entry.

A few years into any Career Mode, things get stale. Everything looks the same, older favourites start to retire (they're replaced by generic youngsters), the same teams are promoted/relegated ad nauseam and everyone is playing in the exact same strip from the 2017/2018 campaign.

If EA aren't willing to go as far as implementing a stadium editor in FIFA 19, the least they can do is enable players to change the basic kit design year-to-year. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to stick some white stripes on the collar of that Chelsea top, or bring out a new away kit to rake in cash from loyal fans.

Again, licensing may make this difficult for EA, but it'd help player eyeballs if sides periodically changed their team uniforms every few seasons. Playing around with different designs in PES used to be one of that game's most fun features.

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